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Due to some confusion from Governement of what people can and can't do is for a start;- Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading by following today's (15th May)  latest information as issued by Government.

Lockdown update: All you need to know about new measures:-

Can I meet friends and relatives?

Two people from different households in England can meet in outdoor settings, such as parks, as long as they stay more than 2m (6ft) apart.

The government has said it will impose higher fines for people who break social distancing rules.

Can I exercise more?

The rules have been relaxed so people in England can now spend more time outdoors "for leisure purposes". That includes sunbathing.

There is no limit to the amount of exercise allowed.

Activities such as golf, angling and tennis are permitted, but only alone, with members of your household or with one other person from another household. If you do exercise with someone you don't live with, remember social distancing rules still apply.

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms, where there is a higher risk of close contact and touching surfaces, remain shut.

Households are also able to drive to other destinations in England - such as parks and beaches. But they should not travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, where people are still being told to avoid any travel which is not essential.

Should I go back to my workplace and how will I get there?

People who can work from home in England should continue to do so "for the foreseeable future".

But the government says those who can't work from home should travel to their work if it is open. However, they should avoid public transport for social distancing reasons - and walk, cycle or drive if at all possible.

Those who do use public transport are being told to expect social-distance queuing and to wear face coverings.

Sectors "allowed to be open, should be open", the government adds. These include food production, construction and manufacturing.

Workplaces should follow new guidance on making them safe for staff. This includes frequent cleaning of surfaces and equipment, staggering arrival and departure times and, for office workers, holding meetings remotely and avoiding the use of hot desks.

The issue of how businesses can secure personal protective equipment without competing with the NHS has raised concerns.

What if I go into other people's homes to work?

If you're a cleaner or plumber - and need to enter someone else's home for your job - you are allowed to return to work.

Employers have a duty to reduce workplace risk to "the lowest reasonably practicable level".

Unless there is a direct risk to household safety, no work should be carried out in the home of someone shielding or isolating because of Covid-19 symptoms.

In homes where someone is clinically vulnerable - for example, where there is a person aged over 70 - face-to-face contact should be avoided, and strict hygiene rules followed.

Can I move home?

House moves and viewings can resume again in England.

Potential buyers and renters will be able to visit show homes and view houses on the market to let or buy.

Moving home will also be allowed again, as will visiting letting and estate agents.

Anyone who has already bought a new home can visit it to prepare it for moving in.

What about childminders, nannies and nurseries?

After initial confusion, childminders and nannies in England have now been told they can return to work - but only if they're caring for youngsters who come from the same household.

During lockdown, registered childminders have either been closed or providing care for vulnerable children or children of key workers.

Pre-school nurseries in England are expected to start reopening from 1 June.

When will schools and universities return?

Primary school Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 classes are expected to reopen from 1 June in England.

It's so the youngest children, and those preparing for the transition to secondary school, have maximum time with teachers.

When can I go High Street shopping again?

From 1 June at the earliest, but only if the government's five tests to ease restrictions are met. Non-essential retailers will be able to open in phases if they can follow the social distancing guidelines.

Hospitality and personal care venues, such as hairdressers, will not be allowed to open at this stage, because there is a higher risk of virus transmission.

Garden centres in Wales are already back open and they can now re-open in England too. A decision is awaited in Scotland, while garden centres can reopen from 18 May in Northern Ireland.

Some DIY stores have already reopened - but they are accepting card payments only and have shorter trading hours.

What about hairdressers, pubs and cafes?

On 4 July at the earliest, if the five tests to ease restrictions are met.

From then some remaining businesses - including pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels, cinemas and places of worship - can open, as long as they can meet social distancing measures.

There will be exceptions for indoor public spaces where people will struggle to practise social distancing, such as beauty salons. These may only be able to open ''significantly later", depending on when the rate of infection goes down, 

 Further easing of lockdown will only be met if the

Graphic showing coronavirus alert levels from 5-1 where 5 is risk of overwhelming healthcare services, 4 is transmission high, 3 is virus in general circulation, 2 is number of cases and transmission low, 1 virus no longer present in UK




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Hopwood, 146 Bus time table 


Monday to Friday - 146 - Redditch - Alvechurch - Birmingham

Bus Station, Redditch 05:45 06:30 07:25 08:25 09:35 then
35 until 15:35 16:35 17:35
Red Lion, Alvechurch 05:55 06:40 07:35 08:35 09:45 45 15:45 16:45 17:45
Ash Lane, Hopwood 05:59 06:45 07:40 08:40 09:50 50 15:50 16:50 17:50
Redhill Rd, West Heath 06:04 06:50 07:45 08:45 09:55 55 15:55 16:55 17:55
Wharf Rd, King's Norton 06:09 06:56 07:51 08:51 10:01 01 16:01 17:01 18:01
Cotteridge Island, Cotteridge 06:11 07:00 07:55 08:55 10:05 05 16:05 17:05 18:05
Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham 06:27 07:20 08:25 09:25 10:25 25 16:25 17:30 18:30


Monday to Friday - 146 - Birmingham - Alvechurch - Redditch

Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham 06:30 07:25 08:35 then
35 until 15:35 16:35 17:40 18:40
Cotteridge Island, Cotteridge 06:45 07:43 08:53 53 15:53 17:00 18:05 18:58
Wharf Rd, King's Norton 06:48 07:46 08:56 56 15:56 17:04 18:09 19:01
Redhill Rd, West Heath 06:53 07:51 09:01 01 16:01 17:09 18:14 19:06
Ash Lane, Hopwood 06:57 07:56 09:06 06 16:06 17:14 18:19 19:11
The Square, Alvechurch 07:01 08:00 09:10 10 16:10 17:18 18:23 19:15
Bus Station, Redditch 07:13 08:12 09:22 22 16:22 17:30 18:35 19:27

* Not including bank holidays     

Saturday - 146 - Redditch - Alvechurch - Birmingham


Bus Station, Redditch 06:35 then
35 until 16:35 17:35
Red Lion, Alvechurch 06:45 45 16:45 17:45
Ash Lane, Hopwood 06:50 50 16:50 17:50
Redhill Rd, West Heath 06:55 55 16:55 17:55
Wharf Rd, King's Norton 07:01 01 17:01 18:01
Cotteridge Island, Cotteridge 07:05 05 17:05 18:05
Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham 07:25 25 17:25 18:25

Saturday - 146 - Birmingham - Alvechurch - Redditch


Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham 07:35 then
35 until 16:35 17:40 18:40
Cotteridge Island, Cotteridge 07:53 53 16:53 17:58 18:58
Wharf Rd, King's Norton 07:56 56 16:56 18:01 19:01
Redhill Rd, West Heath 08:01 01 17:01 18:06 19:06
Ash Lane, Hopwood 08:06 06 17:06 18:11 19:11
The Square, Alvechurch 08:10 10 17:10 18:15 19:15
Bus Station, Redditch 08:22 22 17:22 18:27 19:27

* Not including bank holidays

Sunday Bus service Ended, Diamond Bus cancel weekend bus service on Sundays


Hopwood Residents Association                     

It is with great sadness that I have been told that Geoff Heale died on Friday 7Th February after a short illness.

His funeral is on Tuesday 25th February ,11am. at Reditch Crematorium  for anyone who may wish to attend.

List of Attendees:

Adrian Smith, Janet Murphy, Keith Woodwiss, Jean Woodwiss, John Moore, Charles Hotham, Patrick Strain, Sara Simpson, Martin Simson, Gill Lungley, John Eagles, Pauline Eagles, Pete Sabell, Mike Evans, Miles Finney, Jake Joannides.

Matters Arising from those Minutes:

Funding for Neighbourhood signage: The money for replacement signs is in the HRA account

Action: Adrian to contact Geoff Heal regarding replacement of damaged signs.

Adrian to contact Jane Mathews who is currently one of our neighbourhood watch ambassadors as she has now sold her house and is relocating.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Update from Bromsgrove District and Worcestershire County Councillor Charlie Hotham:

a. A441 Crossing. For many years the residents of Hopwood have been asking for a pedestrian crossing by the bus stop where there are currently only two bollards. Despite trying for this there is currently no funding. To install a crossing here will cost approximately £100,000. However, work can be carried out to slightly improve the refuge area by the bollards. Councillor Hotham has arranged for railings to be erected by the bollards, dropped kerbs, paint and notices to warn drivers that pedestrians will be crossing here. The Councillor has also succeeded in getting the request for a pedestrian crossing put on the list of needed crossings in Worcestershire. However, there are currently approximately 70 areas on this list, only four are completed every year in order of greatest need. It was also pointed out that the “no right turn sign” at the top of Ash lane was in the wrong place and that often cars are turning right out of Ash Lane. It was raised that better on road markings at the Ash Lane and at the garage exiting junction was felt to be needed.

Gill Lungley and John and Pauline Eagles also highlighted to Councillor Hotham that a crossing of some description was also needed at the upper end of the A441 near the Westmead Hotel as there was no crossing there at all and it was felt that people are risking their lives when attempting to cross the road to reach bus stops.

Councillor Hotham also updated the meeting on the activity of Stonehouse Waters in Stonehouse lane. The works and development of this site did not have planning permission and Bromsgrove District council put an enforcement notice /action on it. It has now been closed down.       

Councillor Hotham also updated the meeting on the Verge reinforcement that has occurred in Ash Lane and Stone house lane. The work carried out initially was deemed to be substandard by an engineering review. The verges have now been reinstated but unfortunately the kerb areas and some drainage channels have been concreted in and will now have to stay.

b. State of footpaths from Hopwood Island to Roberts Corner. Concern was expressed as to the state of the public footpaths here particularly on the right hand side which is now extremely narrow in most places and paths overgrown. Councillor Hotham agreed but unfortunately there are very limited funds to address this. County Councillor Hotham has inspected these paths and feels that currently the left-hand path although in need of work is in better condition and any money available will be spent on improving this path. There is a fund of 15000 pounds available and work will be carried out from Roberts Island up wards. It was acknowledged that this will not be enough to redo the whole length of the path. The upper part of the path will be weeded, and hedgerow cut back. The work will be carried out by Ridgeway who are the company WCC has given their contract to. Disappointment was expressed about this state of affairs and in particular that there was no provision for including a cycle lane.

c. Public inquiry Report Mayfield Farm.     Following years of complaints about the activities of this farm and the obnoxious smell emanating from these activities, a public enquiry was held by the traffic commissioners in regard to two areas of activity;-

ACR Haulage: The application of a standard national licence for three vehicles and seven trailers was granted. This company deals in “fallen Stock”. Following discourse with the owner our District Councillor and David Rischmiller (BDC officer) and community safety partnership team, ACR haulage agreed to change the trailers used for transportation to “hard-top” trailers as soon as possible. These trailers are owned by the Leo group who have approximately 400 trailers. All will be eventually changed to hard tops but in the meantime there may still be the occasional soft top trailer used. It was generally agreed by those present at the meeting that the frequency of the smells had diminished.

Concern however was expressed about the frequency and unsocial hours of transport entering the site. There is no current restriction on this. Those who have concerns should contact relevant agencies or Councillors.

Aisha Halal Meat LTD.

The traffic commissioner reviewed the licence in the light of the complaints received. The licence was granted subject to conditions.

·       Vehicles will enter and exit using forward gear

·       There will be no operation, movement, loading or unloading (other than in an emergency) before 0800 and after 2100 hours Monday to Saturday or at all on Sunday. However, by way of derogations from this rule:

A.   Authorised vehicles may make a maximum of two outward movements in total between 2100 and 2330 each day from Sunday to Thursday inclusive and a maximum of two inward movements between 0700 and 0800 from Monday to Friday inclusive;

B.    On the Sunday immediately preceding Christmas day and the Sundays preceding Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha authorised vehicles may be loaded, unloaded and operated between 0900 and 2100.

C.     There will be no maintenance of authorised vehicles or trailers within the operating centre, other than essential steps to ensure legality on the road.

D.    Engines on authorised vehicles will not run for more than 10 minutes before leaving or after returning to the operating centre.

E.     Except during loading and unloading, refrigerated vehicles and trailers will be connected to the mains electricity supply so that goods vehicles engines are not run when vehicles are not in use.

F.    The operator has undertaken to fit its forklift trucks with white noise reversing alarms by 31stOctober 2019. In addition the operator has to draw up and submit a noise reduction strategy setting out further noise reducing measures. These strategies have been identified as;

·       no radios to be played,

·       no shouting across the yard,

·       forklift to be driven slowly,

·       Roller shutter on facility to be kept closed other than when loading and unloading.

G.   It was highlighted at the meeting that other activities were occurring at Mayfield Farm; Councillor Hotham informed the meeting that the Environmental Agency is aware of this.

It was generally agreed by those present at the meeting that the frequency of the smells had diminished and that the farm was actively cooperating with residents to further improve the problems and their relationship with the local community.

d. Troublesome Neighbours. Concern was expressed regarding troublesome neighbours and the lack of any apparent Meaningful action being taken by various authorities. Councillor Hotham informed the meeting that if there were a significant number of complaints then a Community trigger could be actioned whereby the various authorities would need to meet. If you have any complaints regarding ongoing/persistent troublesome neighbours then please email appropriate departments for example; BDHA, the Police, Councillor Hotham, and the Parish Council. Police sergeant’s emails address mandy.partridge@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

2.    Bank Account:

3.    Website Payments.

 HRA bank account has been changed to Lloyds due to HSBC freezing our account by mistake. A balance of £326.20, included a community grant of £150 from the Parish Council received in May 2018, was transferred to open the new Lloyds Account. It was agreed at the meeting that Adrian should be paid £264.44 for website fees he has incurred on behalf of HRA since 2014. In order that our new account balance would not be depleted to unacceptable levels by this payment, Adrian spoke to Peter Higgins before this meeting and Peter paid in another £100 payment from the initial Ombudsman fund via online transfer into the new account. It was also agreed that an additional signatory was needed for this account. It was agreed that this should be our Secretary, Janet Murphy as a neighbour of the Chairman for reasons of accessibility.

4.      Further suggested actions by HRA.

Attendees were asked if they had any ideas for small projects that HRA could undertake within budgetary means. One suggestion was to sow wild flowers on recreational area in Woodpecker Close; however we would need BDHT approval for this.

5.    AOB:

Clarification was asked regarding the three dwellings for travelling people that has been approved for the bottom of ASH lane/slip road. Planning was granted as recognition for the need for more sites for travelling people. It was stated that the agreed planning was particularly for these three families. If they decide to move the approval cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Concern was also expressed regarding the parking by” park and ride “people down Ash Lane causing congestion.

A question was asked as to who is now responsible for cutting the farm hedges in Stonehouse Lane now that Stan has died.

The phone box on the A441 has been painted blue and appears to have been adopted by the police.

A very big THANK YOU to all those involved in getting the new children’s play equipment installed at Hopwood Community Centre especially the Hopwood moms (Samantha, Clare and Penny) who instigated and led the idea.

Meeting closed at 19.00hrs.


97% of voters said  YES ON THE 10TH






SEND  AN E-MAIL  chotham@worcestershire.gov.uk

See latest bromsgrove Standard article about the A441 in Hopwood

(not our fault Worcestershire County Council say!! and We  have done everything they have asked for.....NOT! ) Cllrs- Adrian Smith and Andy Humphries and 2 residents  met 
with Sajid Javid our MP on site on the  21st August....  following this article to discuss the issues again.

Complain to your County Councillor if you are not happy about our highways or its footpaths ...  be persistant
Charlie Hotham

Title: District and County Councillor

Party: Independent

Political grouping: Independent Alliance Group

Division: Alvechurch

Parish: Alvechurch ; Beoley 

Home address: 
26 Blackwell Road
Barnt Green
B45 8BU

Phone:  0121 445 2930

Mobile:  07944 808085

Bus. email: chotham@worcestershire.gov.uk

Local Residents picking up the missed pieces



District Councillor Charlie Hotham and Parish Councillor Adrian Smith together with Hopwood residents and their children ready to set off and clean up Hopwood.........what a fine picture they make.


NOV 2014


The new committee are begining to get the hall back in good  shape again with lots of much needed maintenance being completed; roof repaired , heating renewed, new doors, signs  and the hall singing and dancing in its new colour scheme.

The Village Hall was 100 years old this year and its birthday was well celebrated by local residents  who along to the  splendid tones of our local big band  "Hopwood Junction " really enjoyed a super evening. 

The start of a whole new chapter in the life of this lovely community building. So if you want somewhere to hold your party or group activity in the future,.... HVH is definitely back on the map.

28th November 2014   100 year celebtations at Hopwood Village hall

Hopwood Village Hall October 2014   Watch this space ,still work to be done.

Hopwood Residents Make a great job of cleaning up the whole area, as the local authority can't afford to do it.

Below we see some of the residents from Lower Hopwood who were galvanised into taking matters into their own hands and enthusiastically  assisted by some of our younger residents. Lea End residents also  joined in the good work with an equally determined group of volunteers led by one of Hopwood Residents Association's committee members, Tim Parsons. Tim organised all the equipment for both groups and the Lea End team set about cleaning their area at the same time.

Great work from our caring community. A further event is planned for the start of Spring.




Please be aware and update your security

Worcestershire Regulatory Services has received information in relation to suspected rogue traders who have recently been operating in the Malvern area.
A householder was cold called by a male who stated that roofing work needed to be carried out on her property.  The caller went round to the back of the house without being invited.  Unknown to the householder there were already two other men on the roof.  The householder was informed that some tiles needed to be replaced.  An argument then ensued between the first male and the two males on the roof as to who was to do the job.  The men left the property after the householder threatened to call the Police.
The first male subsequently returned demanding payment for work he'd done on the last visit, replacing a tile and cleaning gutters.  No payment was made, however the trader left saying he'd come again when he was next passing.
The trader left a calling card with the following information.
SUPER SEAL - UPVC roofline products etc
0800 29 27 199
23-25 Aintree Road
Keytec 7 Business Park
WR10 2JN
Following enquiries it has been confirmed that the trader is not at this address and has no connection with the businesses that are based at the address.
Residents should be wary of anyone cold calling at their properties, whether this is offering to carryout household repairs or merely trying to gain access to the property. Legitimate contractors and callers do not operate in this manner.
To report an incident or for advice on your rights please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06
Or to report suspicious activity you can contact West Mercia Police on 101.

For Information about Local Policing

For more information or any further advice, please contact your Local Policing Team. Alternatively contact CSO 6715 HYDER at Wythall Police Station. You can find out who your LPT is by visiting our website: http://www.westmercia.police.uk/localpolicing/


Lets keep the area clean if you See It ...BIn It