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Come and find out about the Neighbourhood Plan
At Avechurch Village Hall 18th January 2-5pm

!2th October Meeting at Rowney Green Peace Hall from 8.15 pm  Drop in

Contact Clerk APC on 0121 447 8016 on how to get more information about the Neighbourhood Plan.


BDC say it is in-expedient to pursure this enforcement on the land adjacent to Hopwood Island! surprise ,surprise !

April 2012.

Nursing Home Refusal and 6 months on, leads HRA Chairman Peter Higgins to demand the field is returned to it's former green pasture status ,with tons of illegally laid hard standing to be removed by enforcement officers, at BDC.

Don't hold your breath on this one though!.


April 2012

Finally WCC, start improving foot-ways throughout Hopwood all we need now is  a crossing so we can see what the other side of the A441 looks like!

But thanks WCC after much requesting.

Please continue to lobby your County Councillor June Griffith  ,to have some sort of crossing / pedestrian refuge near to the Rise and the Westmead Hotel


7th March

AGM of the Residents Association,  have elected and re-elected officers to the committee, we have also enlisted a volunteer in L.Smith as the new treasurer so our committee at the moment is back up to 7, following the resignation of Mark Peters.
It has been proposed that a few more committee members should join so that their particular area of Hopwood can be represented,  I or one of the other members will be asking people in the near future if they would like to take part at our meetings.
The next meeting will be will be posted on the web site.
Agendas can be seen the week before meetings by contacting any committee member, if they have not already been posted on the web site.
Already on the agenda for the next meeting is;
1.Fixing the venues and dates for  this years  meetings .
2.Litter around the area.
3.Parking and Verges along the A441 towards the motorway services.
4.Speeding on the A441 and the need for a crossing.

5 Road signs


News papers are now on sale again at the Garage at the end of Ash Lane





June 2009

Ombudsman's Findings



Full report can be seen here


Report Summary




 The Residents' Committee, complained that the Council did not consider properly an application for 20 affordable housing development units in the

 Green Belt, adjacent to a hamlet of around 60 dwellings.

 Local residents submitted a petition opposing the development but the Councillor did not pass this to the Council.

To demonstrate local need for affordable housing, the applicant submitted a survey of  housing need in the wider parish, some data about average house prices and incomes in the area, and information from the Council's housing register.

 The Planning Manager recommended that the Council refuse the application because the development did not meet local or national planning policy. In particular, the officer considered that:

  •  The development was not small scale, suitable for its location or sustainable and that the applicant had not demonstrated a local housing need.


  •  The development is inappropriate in the Green Belt and there were no special circumstances that outweigh the harm caused to it.


  • More information was needed about harm to potential protected wildlife habitats and the loss of protected trees.


  • Members approved the development against the Officer's recommendation.


The Ombudsman found that Members:


  • . Failed to distinguish between housing need and housing demand.


  • . Took an irrelevant factor into account in assessing harm to the Green Belt.


  • Failed to give adequate consideration to officer advice about protected tree cover, and to Natural England's advice about possible habitats for protected species on the site.


  • . Failed to give adequate reasons for approving the application.




Maladministration causing injustice. .


Recommended remedy


To remedy the injustice I have recommended that the Council should pay the complainant.





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