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Hopwood Residents Association
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The Committee

There are very good people working in our community
and most are just ordinary residents looking after the
area`s best interests.


To ease organisation we have formed a committee.


Adrian Smith..............Chairman

Peter Higgins...............V.Chairman

Judith Rees -..............Secretary

Linda Smith-...............Treasurer

Debbie Brown -...........(Ash Lane)

Rob Moran - ..............Smedley Crooke Place representative

Jane Matthews -.........Ash Lane(Neighbourhood Watch)

Tim Parsons-..............Lea End Representative

Geoff & Trish Heal....... Birmingham Road representative+ Neighbourhood Watch

Richard & Rosalie.........Lower Birmingham Road representative


David Harper.............The Drive & The Rise  representative






The name of the Association shall be ‘Hopwood RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION’ here in after called”HRA”. 

2.   AIMS

The aims of the Association, which shall be non-party political and non-sectarian shall be:

a)    To watch, protect and further in every legitimate manner the general interests of the ratepayers and residents of Hopwood on matters concerning housing, the Environment of the area, and the social and community life of the area and to organise and promote united action for this purpose.

b)    To advocate and encourage efficiency and economy in local and central government and public service administration.

c)    To give help, information and advice to any resident or ratepayer in Hopwood on any matter connected with the above-named objectives.

d)    To uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community, prohibiting any conduct which discriminates on grounds of race, religion, disability, sex or sexual orientation, or age.

e)    To do all such other lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


a) Membership shall be open to all residents within the defined boundaries of Hopwood

b) Membership shall be free of charge (until future notice).

c) All voting members must be at least 16 years of age.

D) Members shall at all times behave and conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when attending meetings, functions or speaking on behalf of, or in connection with, the Hopwood Residents  Association.  


There are no membership fees at present, and if in the future these are deemed to be necessary then this will be subject to committee approval.


a)The officers of the Association, all of whom shall be honorary, shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and such others as shall be deemed necessary from time to time.

b) The officers shall be elected annually from the member association delegates at the Annual Meeting, the retiring officers being eligible for re-election. The Association shall have power at an ordinary meeting to fill any casual vacancy.

c) Should any committee member fail to attend three consecutive meetings without apologies or bring HRA into disrepute by their actions, the committee may at its discretion terminate their committee membership.

d) The committee should meet no less than 6 times a year with the 2nd meeting being the AGM.

e) The quorum at meetings of the committee shall be 4

f) Vacancies on the committee to be filled at the discretion of the existing committee.

g) Correspondence to other bodies on behalf of HRA should only be undertaken with the democratic sanction    of the other committee members.                                                                  

6. Annual General Meeting shall

a) Be the 2nd meeting of the Year.

b) Receive a report from the committee of its activities including a statement of accounts.


c) Accept resignation of all committee members (who may re-stand) and elect a new committee.


d) The quorum for AGMs shall be 5.


e) The constitution may be altered at the AGM or a special meeting called for that purpose.

     Changes must be agreed by at least a two-thirds majority of members at the meeting.


All money raised by or on behalf of HRA shall be applied to further the objects of the Association.

        The treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of HRA and make a report at every committee meeting.

       The fund of HRA shall be managed through a bank account. Cheques written on behalf of theAssociation must bear the signatures of two Office Bearers.. ...........


        8.  VOTING POWERS

Each delegate of a member association being personally present shall be entitled to one vote on each proposal and in the ease of an equal number of votes being given for and against any proposal, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitles to give a second or casting vote. Co-opted members shall not have any voting powers.  


The Association shall cause proper minutes to be kept of all meetings, which minutes shall be submitted for approval at the next meeting and, if approved, he signed by the Chairman of the meeting.  



No rule may be added to, repealed or otherwise altered except at an Annual or Special Meeting. Notice of such alterations must be given to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the Meeting, who must circulate the alteration to member association delegates not less than seven days before the Meeting. A resolution to alter the Rules must be passed by not less than three-fourths of such members as are present and voting thereon.  


The HRA may only be dissolved by a special meeting called for that purpose, and come about following a proposal in writing or e-mail by a simple majority of the membership being submitted to the secretary.

Such a meeting to have 21 days notice.

Dissolution shall only take place if agreed by two thirds of members present and voting at such a meeting.

Any assets remaining after meeting liabilities must be distributed among local charities nominated at that meeting.

On dissolution any documents belonging to HRA shall be disposed of in an agreed manner at that meeting.

This Constitution was adopted at a Committee meeting held on (  7-3-10  )

and points -4;6d and 10 wording  ammended by committee approval 23-May-2010.

Signed by Chairman

Adrian Smith


Signed by Secretary

Judith Rees


 Date 7-3-10







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